Derbyshire Junior Grand Prix 2023

The Derbyshire Junior Grand Prix is a series of 3 galas aimed at novice swimmers in Derbyshire to give them competition experience in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, and to give them the opportunity to post qualifying times for the County events later in the season. They are licenced to level 4. It’s a great opportunity to compete against other swimmers in their age group from around the county. Beforehand, there will be  introductory talks for the swimmers to tell them what they need to know before they compete for the first time and for the parents to let them know what to expect at competitive galas.

Junior Grand Prix 2023 Promoter’s Conditions

Junior Grand PRIX 2023 Results

Derbyshire Junior Grand Prix 2023 Final Points

 2022 Junior Grand Prix Results

2022 Points table – congratulations to all winners 

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