Course Bursaries 2022 DASA


Application Form


Only Swim England / IoS courses will be considered at the following amounts:
Safeguarding - Funding for 50% of the workshop cost
Officials - All officials training and licensing costs are covered by DASA. 
Teaching Assistant (L1) – £50 
Swimming Teacher (L2) – £100 
Coaching Assistant (L1) – £100      
Swimming Coach (L2) – £200 
Level 3 coaching – £300 - available on an individual basis.

CPDs - 50% funding is available for CPD seminars for qualified teachers/coaches.  
Requirements for applications submissions
The submitting club is SwimMark accredited
The member appears on the club personnel report/coach & teacher register in the
appropriate role.
The member has a DBS check and safeguarding (if applicable) showing on the club
personnel report/coach & teacher register that are in date at the time of submission.
The member has not previously received County funding for the qualification.
Submission reviews
There will only be a single review of each submission, should an application be
unsuccessful this may be resubmitted once any issues have been resolved.
It is the club and members responsibility to ensure all requirements are met before
submitting the application, all bursaries will be paid to the club.

Additional Information
We encourage clubs to use the club personnel role descriptor to ensure the member is in
the correct role for the qualifications they hold.
At present there is not a specific role on the personnel report for land training. Members
applying for this bursary will be accepted if Support as Other; Land Training; Swimming
or in the Coach/Teacher area in a coaching role has been used (this will be reviewed
should a role be introduced on the report).